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Blood & Glory for android is a pure gladiator game, putting you in the arena of the Coloseum to fight to the death. It's a swipe and slash fighting game, where you will hopefully do the swiping, while the necks of your opponents do the slashing.....

Employ several different lethal weapons and protect yourself with armor. Use blades, shields and destructive dual weapons. 

By winning tournaments you can win Invictus medals and become a real champion, so that everybody will fear and respect your awesome swiping powers! Morituri Te Salutant.


  • fight as a gladiator in the Arena
  • swipe and slash
  • use different weapons
  • different armament
  • play tournaments & win medals



Please note that there are in-app purchases to progress beyond a certain point

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Blood & Glory android app review

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0 #1 jake 2012-01-10 18:15
The game is very fun. Its ridulously difficult to upgrade ur character without purchasing rubies or coins, and so called weaker opponets have thousands of hp, and can take you out with 1 swipe even if u block. It kinda takes the air out of the game. Its free so you get what you pay for.If ur looking for consistent play value, then u should just purchase the $6.00 infinite blade.

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