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movies app icon

The Movies app for android bills itself as the numb...


cardiotrainer app

CardioTrainer is one of the best workout apps aroun...

Trivia Game

trivia game app

With Dean's List Trivia Game app you can test your ...

Pocket Empires Online

pocket empires online app

Warning: the pocket empires online app for android ...


amazon app

With the amazon app for android you can basically d...


mystique app

Mystique, one of the best games apps available, is ...

Tank Hero

tank hero app icon

Tank hero for android is one of those awesome shoot...

Pocket Frogs

pocket frogs icon

If you like frogs, you're in luck. With pocket frog...

Find The Difference Plus

find the difference plus icon

This Find the difference game for android is one of...

MP3 Music Download Super

mp3 music download super icon

With MP3 Music Download Super for android you can e...

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