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flip2silent app icon

Some mobile applications you never needed until you...

Robo Defense

robo defense app

Ever played a tower defense game? If not, you can (...

Brainwave Tuner

brainwave tuner app

The brainwave tuner app is a brain wave stimulation...

Urban Dictionary

urban dictionary app

Urban Dictionary app connects to the urban dictiona...

Wifi Analyzer

wifi analyzer app icon

The WiFi Analyzer app for android enables you to lo...

Tap fish

tap fish app icon

Tap fish is the ultimate aquarium app, an android g...


listen app

With the android Listen app you can search for and ...


ringdroid app icon

With ringroid you've got a great ringtone app for a...


astrid android app

The Astrid app, one of the most used apps for andro...

Clouds & Sheep

cloudssheep app icon

Clouds & Sheep is a wonderful android game where in...

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