android health apps

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brain booster app [more]
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instant heart rate app [more]
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cardiotrainer app [more]
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ontheroad app

OnTheRoad is a pretty cool travel app for android, ...

Quick Settings

quick settings app icon

With the Quick Settings app you can easily change a...

Document Scanner

document scanner android app

With this android app you can scan docs with the ca...

Oregon Trail Settler

oregon trail settler icon

The Oregon Trail: American Settler let's you exper...


factbook app

The factbook app for android offers a wide range in...

FX Currency

fx currency app icon

Forex traders will be pleased with this currency ap...

wavesecure app

With this security app you can backup, restore, loc...


cardiotrainer app

CardioTrainer is one of the best workout apps aroun...


sms2pc app

SMS2PC is one of those handy apps you easily overlo...


pandora app

With the pandora app for android you can now also l...

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