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The spotify app brings all the services of spotify to your android phone. It's a very cool app, and it's completely free, but there is a catch, which is that you can only use it if you have a Premium account at Spotify. You might wonder why spotify hasn't also launched an ad supported version of their music app, as we are wondering the same thing. Still, if you do have a premium account at Spotify (the ad free version of spotify that is) this application will be a great add-on for your smartphone.

The interface is very user friendly, wich easy search functions and a an equally easy possibility of adding songs to your playlist. You can even listen to your playlist in offline mode, but only with the app itself. 

Be aware that when you use spotify to stream music to your app, your smartphone's battery will be drained quickly. 


Streaming music

search music

add music to playlists


official page for spotify app


Free, but only usable by Premium account holders at Spotify

Scan barcode to download

spotify app download

(how can I use my android phone to scan barcode and download?)

Spotify android app review

We do our best to search out the best android apps for our visitors, but nothing beats a couple of pointers from other people who've used the app. Therefore, if you have experience with this app, a short comment or review about your user experience would be greatly appreciated by us and people that are interested in this app.

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0 #1 wallinleft 2011-12-21 17:57
The good: access to spotify's library on the go. Ability to download tracks for offline listening.

The bad: Apparently there's a play queue, but it is not immediately obvious and impossible to edit. When you add tracks to the queue, it puts them immediately after the track you're listening to, not at the end of the queue - annoying when you want to listen to a few albums in a row. It is also impossible to add an entire playlist to the queue. Also, no option to turn off vibration on long press.

Overall: access to a great deal of music is great, but the lack of basic options to manage the play queue make listening much more difficult than it needs to be.
0 #2 Mark B 2012-07-18 17:22
I have recently subscribed to spotify for android. The queue can be quite cumbersome. I had MOG for a while and the queue could be added to or removed from quite easily. Also, you could add an entire album to the queue without individually adding songs like on spotify. Comparing the two, Spotify is still better,. MOG had lots of problems when I had it like freezing and not downloading my albums. I know this sounds like a phone problem, but i have the droid maxx and this would be one WIFI. With spotify I have none of these problems. If spotify improves how the queue is used, It would be hands down the best app Ive ever used.

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