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The Tasker app gives you total control of your android phone. It enables you to automate and control everything on your smart phone, from passcode locking sensitive applications to making automatic recordings of what you say during phone calls and starting the day with a particular application showing. The list is infinitely long, because with this app you can can basically control everything that is possible to control with your phone. 

If you don't really care about specific settings of your phone's SMS or camera and stuff like that, this application is not for you. Becaus at around $6 it's not that cheap and it also requires some effort to get the hang of it. 

If, however, you are the type of person who wants to totally personalize their phone, making sure it operates at peak performance, making you describe your phone's actions as "just right", than this app to control you droid definitely is for you and $6 is pretty cheap for what this little piece of software could do for you. There is a 24 hour trial by the way, so there's no real risk in trying (if $6 ever posed a real risk to begin with) 


  • Control your phone completely
  •  Automate and personalize everything

official page for the Tasker App  (also shows a list with a number of possible tasks)


3,99 British Pounds (around $6). Through the download below you automatically get a 24 hour trial too. 

Scan barcode to download

tasker app download

(how can I use my android phone to scan barcode and download?)

Tasker android app review

We do our best to search out the best android apps for our visitors, but nothing beats a couple of pointers from other people who've used the app. Therefore, if you have experience with this app, a short comment or review about your user experience would be greatly appreciated by us and people that are interested in this app.

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