Top 100 Android Apps

Below is a list of the 100 best android apps. This list is based on several criteria, among them popularity, ease of use, price and usefullness of the app. The list is in alphabetical order and daily updated, meaning new applications make the list while others are removed from it. If you know of android apps that should -in your opinion- be placed on this list, please let us know and we'll seriously consider it. 

If you're already familiar with an app we would much appreciate it if you'd write a couple of lines about your experience with the application, to help out others who are interested in the app.

( 33 Votes )
( 3 Votes )
kids shape puzzle app icon [more]
( 14 Votes )
( 9 Votes )
( 13 Votes )
alchemy app [more]
( 1 Vote )
( 4 Votes )
paradise island icon [more]
( 4 Votes )
( 4 Votes )
( 6 Votes )
mighty meeting app [more]

Titanium Backup

( 17 Votes )
( 6 Votes )
paper toss app icon [more]
( 7 Votes )
( 3 Votes )
hd wallpapers icon [more]
( 10 Votes )
( 11 Votes )
( 7 Votes )
( 4 Votes )
( 9 Votes )
( 10 Votes )

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