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The number of applications for android smartphones is rapidly growing on a daily basis. To bring some order in looming chaos we've decided to create this top 100 list of the best android apps. Each app is reviewed by us personally, after which we write a review naming the essential pros and cons of the application.

There are countless android apps, but even in a dense forest some trees are taller than others. At apps are tried and tested, combined with extensive online research about the hottest apps. The result is a daily updated list with the 100 best android apps.

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shoot the apple app icon [more]
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negative space app icon [more]
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templerun icon [more]
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airport city app icon [more]
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( 11 Votes )
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About 100 best android apps

If you have an android smartphone or are thinking of buying one, spend some time on to get a quick feel about the kind of apps that are being made for android phones and what the best of those apps can do for you.

All apps are organized into categories such as travel apps, music apps, fun apps, kids apps etc. For new android apps, check the submitted by developers category. Below are the latest android apps entering the top 100. 

Tip: Some of the best applications being made for android phones today are in the categories business apps, finance apps,utilities apps and travel apps.

Why 100BestAndroidApps

We only show the very best apps for android smart phones and update our top 100 android apps list daily.

    Read our android app reviews for more information about each application.

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